Installing a CHP System: Top 5 Benefits

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Whether you’re building a new home, renovating, or looking to move into a different space, chances are you’re interested in long-term energy solutions that will also save you money. As a homeowner, one of the best ways to ensure you get a return on your investment should you ever decide to sell is by installing and maintaining the latest, most efficient, and “green” technology—but have you looked in CHP systems that are not only good for the environment but are also economical and durable as well? In this article, we will address everything you need to know before finding an expert CHP system installation service, including just what a CHP system is and the top benefits associated with harnessing this type of energy.

What is a CHP System?

So, what does CHP stand for, anyway? Combined Heat and Power (CHP) systems also go by the name of a cogeneration system. They utilize a combination of technologies to simultaneously produce both heat and electricity in one combined effort. This makes them particularly efficient ways of providing both temperature control to a space but power as well, for an on-site location like a home or business.

Will Installing a CHP System Save Money?

It is always going to be true that upgrading a temperature control system in your home or rental is going to come at a cost—whether you utilize an HVAC, CHP system, or some other strategy entirely. But is the cost worth the investment when it comes to installing a CHP system in your home or business?

Especially if you plan on installing a CHP system that runs on renewable sources of fuel, you are likely to save money each month when it comes to your utility bills. What’s more, the price of installing a CHP system is often less than replacing heating equipment.

Top 5 Benefits of Installing a CHP System

Combined Heat and Power systems provide several advantages for the homeowner that other, less advanced systems of climate control do not. So, why should you make the switch to a CHP setup for your home or business? Here are the top five benefits of making the switch to a CHP system for your home or business:

1.     Independence, both from the power grid and from foreign nations: When you are generating your own heat and power through a CHP system, such as through a wood chip or wood pellet boiler, you will still have to buy the fuel to run the system, ultimately you rely less on the power grid. This increased autonomy means that you are not at the mercy of power surges or shutdowns, political agendas or failed diplomacy, etc—as you are essentially self-reliant and autonomous when it comes to producing your own energy and heat. A simple CHP system like a wood chip furnace is not only relatively low maintenance but the biomass fuels that they run on can even be foraged as well, in the event your fuel supply is cut off.

2.     Uninterrupted power supply: If you live in a stormy area, you know that a single weather event can cause the whole county to lose power. If you are providing yourself with a CHP system, you are not reliant on the grid—meaning that when you need it most (i.e. in dark, cold, stormy months that are prone to winter storms) you will have the heat and power you need to keep going.

3.     Lower cost of installation with long-term rewards: Nobody likes spending money—but investing in a good CHP system is a long-term investment not only in lowering your costs of living but also in adding value to your home. Much like the benefits of adding solar power to your home, adding technology that improves self-reliance adds value to your property and makes it more palatable in the eyes of a prospective buyer, should you ever choose to move or sell your home.

4.     Reduced utility bills: While there is an initial expense for installation and for the machinery itself, and also sometimes regular maintenance and servicing costs, the savings on your monthly utility bills often make the transition to CHP systems of power and heat worth the expense.

5.     Renewable, in some cases: While it is true that a CHP system not only decreases your monthly utility costs while making you less reliant on the power grid and even political agendas pertaining to fuel and power sourcing, some CHP systems, such as Caluwe, Inc’s inventive biomass boilers, can run on renewable fuels as well. These zero-carbon wood pellet boilers are not only better for the environment, but often come with tax incentives as well—even more ways to save! This is not to mention future generations will be thanking you.

Best Burlington, MA CHP System Installation

Of course, there are plenty of logical reasons why a proper CHP system can be beneficial for your home or business. Between the ever-evolving technology with increasing efficiency, lower costs of installation, renewable fuels, reduced reliance on foreign nations, and even tax incentives, there are plenty of benefits that come with making the switch from the regular power grid to a CHP system like a durable and high-quality wood chip boiler. You don’t have to go carbon negative to reduce your impact on the environment—going carbon-neutral still offers all the financial and ecological perks without relying on building elaborate structures with parts from China, like many wind turbines installed in the United States today.

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