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Biomass Fuels


Wood Pellets

Wood pellets are made from 100% pure, wood fiber (sawdust) that is a by-product of the lumber industry. Manufacturing wood fiber into premium, clean-burning wood pellets is simple and sustainable. Sawdust and wood particles are compressed at such a rate that natural lignin is excreted and bonds the loose fiber into wood pellets. The result is a modern, cost-effective renewable heating alternative.

Wood Pellets burn hotter, burn cleaner, build-up less, are better for the environment, are lower in cost and are easier to move.

Downloadable Pellets Fuels Institute Brochure:

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We carry a full range of modern biomass heating and combined heat and power technology to meet residential, institutional, commercial, and industrial needs.

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Semi-Dry Wood Chips

Semi-Dry Wood Chips: The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) has published a Wood Chip Heating Fuel Quality Standard, ANSI/ASABE AD17225-4:2014 FEB2018 Solid biofuels — Fuel specifications and classes — Part 4: Graded wood chips. This standard describes qualities of wood chips such as wood chip feedstocks/origination, moisture content, particle sizes, and other qualities.

Downloadable User Guide to the U.S. Wood Chip Heating Fuel Quality Standard: