Biomass Heating

Instead of home boilers, Biomass Boiler Services Ltd. specializes in the repair, service, and maintenance of commercial and industrial boilers. Having stated that, even if your property has a smaller boiler, these considerations still hold true.

Let’s start with CO2 emissions before moving on to our list of advantages of biomass boilers. The installation of a biomass boiler could be an excellent approach to reduce the carbon footprint of your company. Because the same amount of CO2 that is generated while burning biomass is later reabsorbed by growing plants, biomass is regarded as a carbon-neutral source of energy. It’s a joyful circle.

You’ll not only be reducing CO2 emissions and helping the environment, but your business will also benefit from being eco-friendly. As a pro-environment talking point, our clients at the Adelphi Distillery, Uistasco, and Frogmary Farm feature their biomass boiler in their branding. Never has the time been better.

The Renewable Heating Incentive, or RHI, provides financial incentives to commercial buildings in the United Kingdom that use biomass boilers. The Ofgem website is a great resource for learning more about RHI. In order to find out if you qualify and for what services, you should get in touch with the appropriate authorities in your area. Some companies can greatly increase their profits by switching to a biomass boiler.

Biomass can help your community’s economy in numerous ways. The local economy is the focus of #4 of our Top 10 Advantages of Biomass Boilers. Help out the Earth everywhere you can. Planting more trees to meet the demand for wood pellets results in additional revenue, employment opportunities, and environmental benefits.

Additionally, Biomass Boiler Services Ltd is a family-owned and -operated business with its headquarters in Berwick upon Tweed, serving the entire United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland. You won’t find a more helpful or knowledgeable Biomass Boiler Company in the UK than us, and we’ve been doing this for over 30 years!

Biomass can be used to generate renewable energy. The trees that are cut down for fuel are replaced by new ones, guaranteeing a steady supply for years to come. All hail the end of fossil fuels!

There are trees in every direction. Even though some pellets must be imported from other countries, the increased demand for biomass energy has the potential to boost the local economy and inspire the planting of more trees. It’s possible that the wood scraps generated by your company’s operations could be used to power the biomass boiler.

Wood scraps can be reused if they are burned in a biomass boiler, rather than sent to a landfill. The loop must be closed. The energy contained in the trash your business produces can be put to good use.

High efficiency is typical of biomass boilers. Today’s cutting-edge technology and innovative boiler designs mean that your new biomass boiler will have an efficiency level of 90% or higher. Forget about using an electric heater or an old-fashioned boiler now. How efficient the space is that the boiler is heating, the air movement around the boiler, and the type of flue fitting all contribute to the overall efficiency of your biomass system. Biomass Boiler Services has engineers who specialize in optimizing all of these factors.


A biomass expert should perform routine maintenance and servicing on boilers to ensure optimal performance. Let us assist you with that! Contact us, and we’ll gladly assist you in developing a service and maintenance plan that works for your company and keeps your biomass boiler operating efficiently. Our plans are adaptable to accommodate businesses of varying sizes and types and biomass boilers of varying ages and configurations.


If you want optimal performance from your biomass boiler, it’s important to have it installed by a reputable business. BBS is a great option because of their 30 years of experience in the biomass industry. We’re here to assist you find the biomass boiler that’s ideal for your company and answer any questions you might have.